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Because we were fortunate enough to have been introduced to belcanto early in our studies, after many successful years of singing opera and concert we still have a secure and flexible technique . We have used the belcanto school to its best advantage for the development of our students. Regardless of their individual natural talent they all learn to sing with a wonderful freedom, security and pureness of tone. This enables them to sing with many different colors and show emotion which is very important. Because we treat every student as an individual. There is also no major time limit when we work, so that each student leaves the hour feeling good about what they have achieved. Teaching voice is comparable to molding a sculpture. You slowly develop the students voice to be as strong and beautiful as it can be. This takes much devotion and listening to what the individual singer´s needs are. After many years of devoted teaching, our students go on to have their own careers and most importantly they are able to develop as true artists.
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Vocal Coaching (Voice Lessons) During the individual private lessons each student learns the belcanto technique. Thus they are able to discover and develop their own potential to the fullest. Regardless if they are profis or young students just starting out special attention is given to all for developing their repertoire, and preparation for contests, Opera Theater, Concerts, Auditions and studio recordings. If a singer comes with a serious vocal problem for the most part we are able thru intensive vocal therapy to help them.
Masterclasses “Belcanto” We are planning a 5 day Masterclass with approx 10 to 15 participants. It will be presented in the Villa Russo in Wernigerode in the Harz. The class will be given in various large beautiful spacious rooms. The Villa also has its own Guest House where each room has its own individual bathroom. Interested singers especially either in a Musikhochschule or just staring their careers could contact us now, Info Masterclass, also Memories, klick on “more info”!:
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References (What our students are saying) Several students write about their work with us. But we can say that we learn from each student in their lesson. We are delighted that we are able to take part in the development and success of each of them. Klick on “more info”!:
more info Villa Russo Gästehaus Villa Russo Beispiel eines DZ im Gästehaus (jewils mit DB/WC) Beispiel Musikzimmer in der Villa Russo
Personal Representative Doreen DeFeis / DeFeis International Artists As a personal representative I work together with several agents and also directly with Theaters for the experienced singers from our Masterclasses and who work privately with us. My goal is to assist them in obtaining Engagements and further their careers. I work on a personal level and investigate various possibilities which can broaden their careers.
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